History of Glen OaksFirst Demolition in Darnley

In the beginning ...

The Association was registered in 1991, initially to work in the Darnley area, and now operates throughout the Greater Pollok area of South West Glasgow. 

The Association acquired 310 Glasgow District Council properties in Darnley in 1992 and 235 Glasgow City Council properties in Cartloch (Pollok) in 1997.  In January 1999, the Association added 1100 homes in Arden to its housing stock.  We currently own and manage a total of 1481 properties.

The Association played a key role in the Darnley 2000 Project which created a mixed tenure estate, where previously there was solely deck access council housing.  The Association has now re-developed all of its original housing in Darnley.  The Cartloch housing stock has also been redeveloped over four phases.  In addition to the above, the Association has developed 46 houses for shared ownership in Southpark Village, Darnley, and Regents Park, Thornliebank.


Glen Oaks Housing Association

3 Kilmuir Drive, Arden, Glasgow, G46 8BW Tel: 0141 638 0999 Fax: 0141 638 5999
Registered as a Charity in Scotland Charity No. SC034301
Property Factor Registered Number PF000173

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