Application Forms
Description File Size
Membership Application Form PDF Icon 35 Kb
Shared Ownership Application Form PDF Icon 199 Kb
New Supply Shared Equity Application Form PDF Icon 161 Kb
Gold Service Application Form PDF Icon 15 Kb
Good Neighbour Awards Nomination Form PDF Icon 124 Kb
Education Grant Application PDF Icon 316 Kb
Community Fund Application PDF Icon 311 Kb
Information Booklets
Description File Size
Tenants Handbook PDF Icon 888 Kb
Customer leaflet on Complaints Handling Procedure PDF Icon 52 Kb
Customer Service Standards PDF Icon 195 Kb
Preventing Eviction for Rent Arrears Booklet PDF Icon 184 Kb
New Supply Shared Equity Booklet PDF Icon 1574 Kb
Fire Safety in the home PDF Icon 2926 Kb
Service Improvement Group booklet PDF Icon 1804 Kb
Quick Guide to Welfare Benefits Reforms PDF Icon 3447 Kb
Cartloch Estate Action Plan 2016-17 PDF Icon 794 Kb
Darnley Estate Action Plan 2016-17 PDF Icon 816 Kb
Arden Estate Action Plan 2016-17 PDF Icon 799 Kb
Arden Estate Action Plan 2017-18 PDF Icon 623 Kb
Cartloch Estate Action Plan 2017-18 PDF Icon 824 Kb
Darnley Estate Action Plan 2017-18 PDF Icon 823 Kb
1 Handyperson Leaflet PDF Icon 1384 Kb
Description File Size
Stair Cleaning Rota 2010-15 PDF Icon 45 Kb
Policy Documents
Description File Size
Abandoned House PDF Icon 336 Kb
Allocations Policy PDF Icon 509 Kb
Anti Social Behaviour PDF Icon 454 Kb
Customer Engagement Strategy PDF Icon 417 Kb
Gold Service Policy PDF Icon 188 Kb
Rechargeable Repairs PDF Icon 322 Kb
Repairs & Maintenance PDF Icon 433 Kb
Right to Compensation for Improvement PDF Icon 269 Kb
Description File Size
Newsletter Spring 2018 PDF Icon 1815 Kb
Calendar 2018 PDF Icon 179 Kb
Newsletter Winter 2017 PDF Icon 3546 Kb
1 Safety Leaflet Winter 2017 PDF Icon 965 Kb
Newsletter Autumn 2017 PDF Icon 2137 Kb
Newsletter Summer 2017 PDF Icon 2286 Kb
Newsletter Spring 2017 PDF Icon 6577 Kb
Newsletter Winter 2016 PDF Icon 3641 Kb
Newsletter Autumn 2016 PDF Icon 1769 Kb
Newsletter Summer 2016 PDF Icon 2928 Kb
Newsletter Spring 2016 PDF Icon 2684 Kb
Newsletter Winter 2015 PDF Icon 2346 Kb
Newsletter Autumn 2015 PDF Icon 1673 Kb
Newsletter Summer 2015 PDF Icon 2630 Kb
Newsletter Spring 2015 PDF Icon 2680 Kb
Complaints Performance PDF Icon 86 Kb
Annual Reports
Description File Size
Landlord Report 2016-17 PDF Icon 172 Kb
Annual Report 2016-17 PDF Icon 917 Kb
Annual Report 2015-16 PDF Icon 1648 Kb
Annual Report 2014-15 PDF Icon 782 Kb
Landlord Report 2014-15 PDF Icon 136 Kb
Annual Report 2013-14 PDF Icon 1920 Kb
Annual Report 2012-13 PDF Icon 1218 Kb
Annual Report 2011-12 PDF Icon 2731 Kb
Annual Report 2010-11 PDF Icon 1418 Kb
Annual Report 2009-10 PDF Icon 950 Kb

Glen Oaks Housing Association

3 Kilmuir Drive, Arden, Glasgow, G46 8BW Tel: 0141 638 0999 Fax: 0141 638 5999
Registered as a Charity in Scotland Charity No. SC034301
Property Factor Registered Number PF000173

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