Repairs & Maintenance

Our new Home Safety Supplement (which was sent out with our Winter Newsletter) contains a lot of useful Home Safety Advice.

We spend around £1 million on reactive and cyclical maintenance each year. We have ambitious plans for the future which will improve our homes and bring lasting benefits to our communities.

We break maintenance up into 3 areas:

Day-to-day repairs - we complete over 3,500 repairs in our properties each year. 95% of these are within the target timescales. We were delighted to procure 3 year multi-trade contacts in 2011 which helped with our budgets and provided built-in guaranteed levels of performance.

Planned Improvements - by 2015, we will have invested over £11 million on improving tenants' homes across all of our areas, including major fabric improvements on flats in Arden. We will also be replacing kitchens and boilers as they come to the end of their useful life.

Cyclical repairs - these works, including gutter cleaning, landscape maintenance, smoke alarm inspections and annual gas safety inspections, are carried out to help protect the fabric of our properties or as part of our legal responsibility as your landlord.

Please take the time to complete any surveys about our repairs service. Your views are important to us and help to shape the repairs service we provide.


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